About Us

Why Choose Us

Maintain Focus.

The core competencies of your company are those that generate revenue and build growth, while ours are maintaining a clean and sanitized property. By outsourcing your cleaning to Mainstay Cleaning Services you can focus on what’s most important: your employees and your clients.

Control Costs While Improving Quality.

In-sourcing your cleaning is almost like running a small business within your company. Funds must be allocated to the purchase and maintenance of equipment and supplies. Staff must also be recruited and trained and these costs quickly add up. We save companies 20-30% on average through the use of our services and contracts.


The areas of your building have to be cleaned and sanitized in a manner that must be consistent day after day, month after month, and year after year. Also, you want to be comfortable with the people in your building. Our employee standard has created a culture in our company of professional ladies and gentlemen that have the training and professional appearance needed to make your facility shine!

Reliability and Scale-ability of Service.

In business today, things change at a moment’s notice. Mainstay Cleaning Services is a partner you can rely on and a company that can adapt to your needs.


From our training requirements to bench marking our performance and strict Quality Control processes Mainstay Cleaning Services has created the experience and expertise to make your facilities shine!